Natural Cures For Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a disorder associated with the frequent stopping and starting of breathing while a patient sleeps. Many who still don't have an idea of what its signs and symptoms could be, may merely ignore it thinking that they just had a bad night. However, the truth is that it is a severe condition that calls for serious medical attention. Several therapies and devices have been designed to help cure sleep apnea. But with the risk of other harsher health conditions developing out of their use, lots of patients prefer the Natural Cures For Sleep Apnea instead.

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At Home Natural Cures For Sleep Apnea

The following sleep apnea treatment methods are highly recommended natural remedies to alleviate the condition. Among them are at-home-methods that are very affordable and sure to give you a better nights sleep.

1. Weight Loss As An Antidote

Studies have revealed that excessive weight is a severe risk towards the development of sleep apnea. Nutritionists recommend the consumption of low-calorie foods in a effort to lose and maintain weight. Drinking two to three cups of green tea on a daily basis will aid in reducing your bodies fat levels via its fat-absorbing compounds. A healthy serving of green vegetables with every meal and fruit in between is the road to success with this method.

Many people who are obese may choose surgery as a fast fat-reducing option. However, apart from the risks involved with this medical procedure, it definitely doesn't fall into the natural cures for sleep apnea category. Research also show that this method results in variations among patients. Therefore you need to take greater caution not to rush into such a big decision such as this one.

Recorded group experiments over the years have proven that sleep apnea can be cured and at the very least alleviated by a natural weight loss program. Incorporating daily physical exercises like morning walks or runs and visiting a gym will be a great help to getting you sleep apnea free soon.

2. Sleeping On Your Side

If your natural sleeping position isn't on your side, this can be an uncomfortable position to get used to initially. However, in this position you will breathe more naturally, so it's worth giving it a shot. Several studies on sleep apnea indicate a significant connection between a persons sleeping position and the sleep apnea disorder. By sleeping on your side, your airways are more open due to your head and neck position. Now if you find yourself moving to your preferred sleeping position such as your back, try using the Tennis Ball Method. It will certainly be uncomfortable to begin with but you can train your subconscious mind to remain on your side.

This method involves having the tennis ball resting between your back and the inner side of your shirt. That way when you do go to roll to your back, your body will feel the ball as a barrier and restrict you from doing this. The same can be done if you are a stomach sleeper. I recommend the EnduriMed CPAP Pillow For Side Sleepers to get started.

Natural Cures For Sleep Apnea CPAP Pillow For Side Sleepers

3. Carrying Out Tongue Exercises

Tongue exercises might sound strange to most of us however it is one of the easiest natural cure to sleep apnea that everyone can do. Myofunctional Therapy is the exercise. Instead of undergoing a surgical process, you can embrace the Myofunctional Treatment and work towards have your breathing disorder fixed. It involves chewing for a more extended period, swallowing and breathing in and out. Studies indicate that tongue-training can reduce OSA by 48% when done for a period of at least a week.

4. Soft Palate Exercises

Soft palate exercises sounds more the same as tongue exercises. However, this involves pronunciation of oral vowels. This is mouthing vowels such as kale, cool, coal, kill, coil, automobile, and keel. To do this, practice for at least three minutes per day on a daily basis. Research indicates that this causes a significant reduction in OSA when done successfully.

5. Practice Saying Open Vowels

This exercise calls for the pronunciation of open vowel sounds that involve air inhalation through both the nose and the mouth. They are words such as fly, like, bee, finish, shout, and tree. Spend at least a full three minutes every day practicing this.

6. Blow Up A Rubber Balloon

This oropharyngeal exercise is a simple method that certainly helps alleviate the symptons of sleep apnea. The practice involves blowing air in a balloon while supporting it with your fingers and keeping a sitting posture. In the process, you will be drawing long and deep breaths that will prevent your throat muscles from relaxing. Thus keeping your nasal cavity free for air flow. This has also been proven by small study groups to reduce snoring and therefore allowing a better nights sleep.

7. Curing Sleep Apnea With A Special Pillow

Today, there are unique pillow formations that make sleeping easier and more comfortable for apnea patients. With a proper selection you can sleep comfortably without having a CPAP mask on, which many find hard adjusting to initially.

These sleep apnea pillows help position your neck and head properly. Which will openly align throat tissues to allow the free flow of air when you breathe. Research indicates that the use of a triangular-shaped CPAP pillow is useful in the treatment of OSA in the mild to moderate stage.

Natural Cures For Sleep Apnea - Triangular Bed Wedge Pillow

8. Avoid Sedative Type Medications

Avoiding any type of medication that has a sedative effect is crucial. Taking this medicine will cause a relaxation effect at the back of the throat and interfere with the quality of your breathing. Lots of doctors prescribe sedatives to their patients as an option to get rid of their insomnia and anxiety. However, if possible, it is recommended to reduce the dosage to minimal amount as it may worsen you sleep apnea symptons.

9. Keep Your Nasal Passages Open At Night

Sleep apnea is more prevalent when you have difficult breathing to begin with. Hence, the entire concept of curing it starts with making sure your airway is clear of any blockages. Nasal cavity refers to an open passage between the opening of the nose and back of the throat. If you do have constant issues with your nasal passage, research has shown using a nasal spray before bed can alleviate this.

According to the Mayo Clinic, various nasal decongestants or antihistamines work differently for each individual. Therefore, it is always wise consulting your doctor on the most compatible inhaler.

10. Avoid Alcoholic Drinks

The chemical composition of alcohol causes relaxation of the central nervous system. Which in excess, can lead to relaxation of throat muscles and hinder your breathing. Alcohol can definitely contribute to the causes of central sleep apnea, a disorder that causes the brain to forget sending signals to the lungs to keep active breathing. The pause may last for only a few seconds but can be enough to create a serious issue when you are trying to sleep. Therefore if you do suffer from OSA and drink alcohol regularly, best give it a miss for a while. You may see remarkable improvements to your sleep cycle and overall health.

Natural Cures For Sleep Apnea Conclusion

As you can see there a quite a few Natural Cures For Sleep Apnea that you can start trying immediately. The above methods are just the common and easy ones that have been tested and highly recommended by several sleep experts. Sleep apnea is a very discomforting disorder that denies you a pleasant and peaceful sleep. However, the secret lies with avoiding its causes and consulting your doctor whenever you witness any of the signs and symptoms.