If you have sleep apnea but still want to be able to travel in comfort, you should probably look into getting a travel CPAP machine like the ResMED AirSense 10 Autoset with Heated Humidifier. This is one of the highest rated Travel CPAP machines and includes everything you need for a safe and comfortable sleep.

Introducing The ResMED AirSense 10 Elite CPAP Machine

A compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for travel. The humidifier, light sensor, and flexible tubing makes it comfortable to sleep with. The various adjustable pressure features make the ResMed Air a total lifesaver, and various other features like the advanced data display, auto ramping feature, and easy to navigate LCD display make it a breeze to use. Let’s take a closer look at the best ResMed CPAP Machine right now. 

ResMED CPAP Machine Features

The ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP Machine has lots of great features that come in handy for anybody traveling with sleep apnea. Not all CPAP machines are designed to be used on the go, but this one definitely is. It comes with various features that make traveling with sleep apnea totally doable, comfortable, and worry free. Let’s take a look at the most important features what they can do for you.

Small, Lightweight & Compact

It is made especially for travel and has as many components as possible located internally. Its small size and weight of the ResMed AirSense 10 Autoset make it easy to travel with. The slim yet flexible tubing included makes breathing easy and sleeping comfortable. The tubing connects easily to both ends for easy use, it’s flexible so you can sleep however you want, and it’s well-sealed to ensure that no leaks occur. This thing was specially designed for traveling and it does that very well!

ResMED Airsense 10 Elite CPAP Machine
ResMED Airsense 10 Elite CPAP Machine

Expiratory Pressure Relief

Perhaps the most important and beneficial feature of this ResMed CPAP Machine is the expiratory pressure relief (EPR) system which it comes with. This is the feature which keeps you breathing comfortable and in a regular and healthy manner all night long. This EPR feature helps to make your breathing feel more comfortable and natural while you are sleeping.

To be clear, this feature allows you to accurately adjust the air pressure while sleeping. You can turn the EPR off, or set it to level 1,2, or 3, where 1 represents the smallest pressure changes and 3 indicates the largest pressure changes. This is important because you can adjust the amount of pressure delivered depending on how deeply you breathe.

The Airsense S10 AutoSet Algorithm

Another really beneficial feature of the Resmed Airsense 10 Elite CPAP Machine is that it comes with a patented autoset algorithm. In other words, this is the feature which increases air pressure while you inhale and decreases pressure while you exhale. In essence, along with the EPR system, this is what keeps you breathing safely for the duration of your sleep. The changes are very smooth and barely noticeable.

It will keep you breathing while also ensuring that you get a deep, comfortable, and refreshing sleep. This is an especially useful feature for anybody who experiences many sleep apnea events during the night. You can actually set the ResMed S10 to automatically adjust the pressure based on your breathing. Or you can set it to one specific pressure for the whole night.

Resmed Airsense 10 CPAP Machine For Her
Resmed Airsense 10 CPAP Machine For Her

Ramp Time

Yet another useful feature of the ResMed AirSense 10 Elite CPAP Machine is that it comes with a ramping function. This means that it will slowly ease into the breathing routine from a lower pressure point up to the point you have selected (or the point which the S10 deems necessary to keep you breathing). You can also set this function to AutoRamp, which means that it will begin the nightly pressure routine once it senses that you have fallen asleep.

HumidAir Heated Tube

Something that will help make your life much more comfortable is the humidifier tube that is optional. You can turn the humidifier off or set it up to level 8 for really moist air. Everybody has different preferences, but nobody likes having a dry mouth when sleeping. This feature helps solve that issue without problem.

A Great LCD Display

One of the very best features that you get with the ResMed AirSense 10 Autoset with Heated Humidifier is that it comes with a great LCD display. First of all, the display itself is fairly large and well-lit so you can easily see what is going on even if it is pitch black in the room. This is quite important no doubt. There are various things which you can do with the LCD display, so let’s talk about those real quick.

  • You can adjust the ramping feature with the LCD display.
  • You're able to set the humidity level from 1 to 8 with the display.
  • You can do a mask fit check with the LCD display to see if there is any air leaking out.
  • SmartStart tech which automatically turns on once it senses you are asleep.
  • The LCD display allows you to warm up the humidifier before you get started.
  • The LCD display also allows you to set the mask type before you get started.

The Light Sensor

Light sleepers will really like this particular feature. The ResMed S10 CPAP comes with a special light sensor which adjusts the screen’s brightness based on the ambient light present in the room. If there is no light in the room, or in other words if you are sleeping, the screen will go dim and then totally darken after a few seconds so that the light does not wake you up.

Airsense 10 ResMED CPAP Machine With Travel Case
Resmed Airsense 10 With Travel Case

Data Display

Another useful feature of the ResMed Airsense 10 is that it comes with advanced data display so you know exactly what is going on. The data displayed to you includes usage data, how many events you have per hour, the average usage, the leak rate from the mask, and AHI as well.

ResMED AirSense 10 Advantages

  • Automatically adjusting pressure for a great sleeping experience.
  • EPR system for even more choice in terms of pressure.
  • Humidifier tube for moist air - mouth will not dry out.
  • Intuitive and easy to use LCD display.
  • Convenient pressure ramping feature.
  • Small, lightweight, and compact.
  • Small, flexible, and comfortable tubing.
  • Advanced data display for accurate data tracking.
  • Light sensor to dim the light when you are sleeping.

ResMED AirSense 10 Disadvantages

  • Fairly loud – humming and thumping noise.
  • No battery supply – can only be used with an electrical outlet/power cord.
  • Humidifier doesn’t hold too much water – a little difficult to clean.

ResMED AirSense 10 Autoset With Heated Humidifier Conclusion

If you need a good sleep apnea machine that makes it possible and easy to travel, the ResMED AirSense 10 Autoset with Heated Humidifier is a really good option to go with. It may not have a battery supply and it might make a little noise, but at the end of the day it is still one of the best options on the market today.