Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Zenguard Vs CPAP

Finding an effective snoring device can be quite tricky especially when there are many options available today. But one of the best and effective ways to know the answer is through searching and reading what other people have to say. Finding honest reviews about anti-snoring products can be very useful. The two most common anti-snoring solutions you can purchase online is a CPAP machine and (for a less complicated method) the Zenguard Stop Snoring Mouthpiece.

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If you are indeed torn between these two options, then this article is aimed at you. I like to give my readers an honest and practical answer about determining which is the most effective snoring solution for between these two options.

What Is A CPAP Machine?

CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure and is used by someone that has Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It is also very effective as an anti-snoring device or at least helps elleviate the symptons of snoring. The way this works is via a CPAP face mask that has a tube connected to the CPAP machine. This means it has to be worn all night and patients do have to become accustomed to wearing it.

The air pressure that the machine produces will now help the person to breathe much better and provide a better breathing pattern. It does this by stopping the extra tissue in the throat from obstructing the patient’s airway. Resulting in a continuous healthy flow of oxygen with no throat tissue flapping about which creates that snoring noise.

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece - Dreamstation Auto CPAP Machine
Dreamstation Auto CPAP Machine
Stop Snoring Mouthpiece - Resmed Airmini Travel CPAP
Resmed Airmini Travel CPAP

What Is A Zenguard Anti-Snoring Device?

Zenguard is another very effective solution for a snoring problem. It acts as a tongue retaining device that helps keep the tongue in a down position when worn. This prevents the tongue from becoming an obstruction in the airway that can cause both sleep apnea and snoring.

he Zenguard is made of a high-quality medical material which is latex free. This device will improve the quality of your sleep by providing a better airflow.

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece - Zenguard
Zenguard Anti Snoring Mouthpiece
Stop Snoring Mouthpiece - Zenguard
BPA Free & FDA Approved

CPAP Machine Pros

  • CPAP machine will improve the supply of air to your lungs
  • It clears all the obstructions within your throat
  • It provides a better sleep during the night
  • Helps the user to breathe on their own
  • Aimed at combating the effects of Sleep Apnea

Zenguard Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Pros

  • Improves the quality of you and your partners sleep by providing a snore-free environment
  • It is much more affordable than a CPAP machine
  • Helps prevent sleep apnea episodes during the night
  • It is an effective stop snoring mouthpiece that can also be used to combat sleep apnea

CPAP Machine Cons

  • CPAP machines are quite expensive to buy
  • Some snorers can find this device and CPAP mask difficult to use
  • Although there are great Travel CPAP Machines available, the size is much larger than a Zenguard
  • There can be quite some discomfort during the night when initially getting used to the machine
  • Will need a doctor's prescription and sleep test conducted to know your individual machine settings

Zenguard Anti-Snoring Device Cons

  • It can fall out of your mouth if placed in the wrong position
  • Users can find it a little uncomfortable initially
  • It cannot be used if you have a clogged or stuffy nose

Which Device Is Better For A Snorer?

The answer to this question is different for everyone. As you've read above, the use of a CPAP machine is not for everyone, especially if your snoring problem is not really associated with sleep apnea. If that is the case, then the best choice for you is a stop snoring mouthpiece like the Zenguard instead. However, if you do have sleep apnea, then I would certainly recommend going with a CPAP machine prescribed by your doctor.

Benefits Of Using The Correct Anti-Snoring Device

In order to determine what the correct anti-snoring device for you is, you first need to know what type of snorer you are. There are 4 types of snorers, which are:

  • Nose snorers, who are people suffering from a clogged nose, nasal congestion or sinusitis.
  • Mouth snorers, who are people who are born with a large palette or tonsil.
  • Tongue snorers, who are people with a large-sized tongue that tends to fall to the back of the throat creating a blocked airway.
  • Throat snorers, who are people with extra tissue in their throat and have trouble breathing during the night.

Once you know what type of snorer you are, you'll then be able to figure out which device is best for you. The benefits of using the correct device will give you a much better sleep pattern, prevent snoring and help you breathe better at night.

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Conclusion

Finding the correct anti-snoring device can be quite confusing since there are so many choices available today. But with the proper knowledge regarding each type of product, you can definitely figure out which one to try first. Take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of a CPAP machine versus a stop snoring mouthpiece like the Zenguard. Match this up with what type of snorer you are and you should have you answer.