5 Best Anti Snoring Devices That Everyone Is Using

Combat the annoying and unpleasant snoring sound of your spouse (or yourself) with one of the devices mentioned in the following Best Anti Snoring Device Review below.

Don't toss and turn all night because you or your spouse snores like a jackhammer, turn that soundtrack off now today.

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What's The Big Deal About Snoring?

Snoring is a serious health condition that affects approximately 90 million American adults. It occurs when your airway is obstructed that causes your uvula and soft tissues to vibrate.

The common causes of snoring include sleep apnea, weight gain or obesity, aging, allergies, nasal congestion, alcohol consumption, and smoking. If you do have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine, be sure to check the connections for leaks and fit of the mask.

Snoring is a sleep disorder that you should take seriously. It can take a toll on your marriage, sleep quality, health, mental and emotional health.

As millions of people continue to suffer from snoring dilemma, we can be grateful to science for the invention of anti-snoring devices that can alleviate and stop snoring. Recommended by many sleep specialists and dentists, these anti-snoring devices have undergone intensive research studies, clinical testing, and strict FDA regulations.

What To Look For In The Best Anti Snoring Device


Always make sure that the anti-snoring mouthpiece you choose to buy is both safe and soft for your delicate gums. The product should not have Bisphenol A. The chemical content of BPA is linked to different health risks such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and various types of cancer. Remember that the mouthpiece will be in your mouth for at least 8 hours every night.


The usual price of these anti-snoring devices can range from around $30 to $200. Check the value of the product before you buy it. Are you going to buy it just because it is the cheapest? Make sure that it is the mouthpiece that you need that is within your budget.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the anti-snoring device you choose should be aligned with the quality of the product. You might want to buy a cheap device but check how long it will last. On average, most anti-snoring mouthpieces have a life expectancy between 6 and 12 months.

Comfort Level

Take the overall comfort of an anti-snoring mouthpiece into consideration. Check the design and feature of the device. You should be able to comfortably wear the mouthpiece.

The 5 Best Anti Snoring Device Reviews

1. Good Morning Snore Solution

Good Morning Snore Solution is the perfect anti-snoring device designed for people who suffer from snoring and sleep apnea.

It is a Tongue Stabilizing device that keeps your airway unobstructed by mildly moving your tongue in a forward position.  This prevents your tongue from falling backward toward your throat that leads to the narrowing of your airway.

Good Morning Snore Solution keeps your tongue static and keeps your mouth locked while you sleep at night. It is created for any user which means that you can use it regardless of the shape or size of your mouth. You don’t need to make any adjustment and you can comfortably use this mouthpiece immediately.

Best Anti Snoring Device - Good Morning Snore Solution
Good Morning Snore Solution

Manufactured from a medical grade silicone material, Good Morning Snore Solution is BPA and later free. It has undergone medical test and clearance administered by FDA, Health Canada, EEA and ARTG. This gives doctors around the world to ability to recommend Good Morning Snore Solution.

2. Zquiet

Best Anti Snoring Device Review - Zquiet
One of the Best Anti Snoring Devices – Zquiet

If you want a snore-free bedroom so you can get a good night sleep, Zquiet is the anti-snoring device you need. Zquiet cancels the occurrence of air vibration that enters into your airways. This vibration of air triggers snoring while you sleep at night. Zquiet mildly moves your lower jaw forward producing an expanded airspace in the back of your throat to cancel soft tissue vibration that gives rise to snoring.

The revolutionary Living Hinge Technology of Zquiet gives your mouth a natural movement and uncontrolled breathing during your sleep. This mouthpiece is best for snorers who have the tendency to sleep on their back. You get two mouthpieces when you order from Zquiet. You can begin with Comfort 1 which moves your jaw forward a little. Comfort 2 comes in when your snoring continues as it advances your jaw a little more than Comfort 1 comfortably.

Zquiet is made from safe thermoplastic elastomer material that complies with the FDA standard. It’s BPA and later free so you’ll have peace of mind while using this mouthpiece during sleep.

3. VitalSleep

VitalSleep prides itself on having the patented Accu-Adjust System that moves your lower jaw forward to enhance your breathing by opening your airway. This anti-snoring mouthpiece allows air to flow easily into your air passage to avoid soft tissue vibration that provokes snoring.

The customizable and moldable features of VitalSleep makes this anti-snoring aid comfortable to use. You don’t have to worry about the size of shape of your mouth because this mouthpiece fits easily. VitalSleep has two sizes: regular size designed for men and a small sized mouthpiece devised for women.

Best Anti Snoring Device Review - Vital Sleep Mouthpiece
Top Anti Snoring Device – Vital Sleep Mouthpiece

4. SnoreRX

Best Anti Snoring Device Review - SnoreRX
SnoreRX Anti Snoring Oral Mouthpiece

The SnoreRX anti-snoring mouthpiece advances your lower jaw in a slight way to avoid any discomfort while you sleep. It keeps your airway open as it constantly moves the jaw so that the air can freely flow into your air passage during sleep.

The thermal matrix material of SnoreRX allows you to personalize your mouthpiece by employing a custom impression of your teeth.

You can conveniently adjust your SnoreRX in millimeters increments to fit in your jaw comfortably.

Made from safe and premium medical-grade copolymer material, SnoreRX has met and exceeded medical standards. In fact, this mouthpiece is certified by the American Sleep Association.

SnoreRX prevents consistent pressure or torsion that makes wearing this mouthpiece worry-free from tendonitis or pain. Here's a great video demonstrating how to use, fit and clean your SnoreRX mouthpiece.

5. SleepTight

The SleepTight Mouthpiece is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) and bite anti-snoring mouthpiece that reduces and prevents snoring during sleep by moving your lower jaw forward. This mouthpiece keeps your airway open to avoid tissue vibration that causes snoring.

SleepTight is comfortable to use because it fits properly and it is designed by a dentist and cleared by the FDA. This anti-snoring mouthpiece has an air hole which has a measurement of 6 millimeters.

Best Anti Snoring Device Conclusion

Snoring can lead to sleep deprivation that can affect your overall health. It can also disrupt the sleep quality of your spouse. Choosing one of the best anti snoring devices is effective in alleviating and stopping snoring. But it is still best to see a doctor as snoring can be an outcome of a serious medical condition.