Unfortunately, there are over 90 million proud Americans that snore during their sleep. Now, sometimes this might just be snoring, but in other cases it could be something more serious like sleep apnea. When it comes to snoring and sleep apnea solutions, the treatments can be used to help both conditions.

Does My Snoring Mean I Have Sleep Apnea?

It's common knowledge that most sleep apnea patients snore, however the same isn't true for the reverse. Just becasue you may be a heavy snorer doesn't mean you have or are at risk of sleep apnea. The problem is that these two conditions are often misdiagnosed and confused with each other. Thus resulting in improper treatment.

Knowing what the differences between snoring and sleep apnea are is important to ensure a proper diagnosis and getting the right treatment.

Do Research On Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Probably the number one most important thing that you can do here is to be properly informed. Go to Google, go to a doctor, and crack open some books. As they say, knowledge is power. First off, snoring is quite a simple thing to understand. It involves lose tissues in the throat relaxing while you sleep and blocking your airway. This creates a vibration effect as you breathe and causes that horrible snoring noise.

Things like weight, health issues, and other factors like booze and smoking can affect how severe the snoring is. What you need to know is that really loud and frequent snoring is a big indicator that you might be suffering from sleep apnea. Shallow breathing and pauses in breathing are really big indicators that a person might have sleep apnea. So don't brush it off as something benign as snoring.

People can actually stop breathing for up to a minute or more when suffering from sleep apnea. Which is of course not a good thing at all. Sleep apnea and weight gain can also make the situation worse as well. An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to anatomy effects that cause sleep apnea.

See A Medical Professional About Snoring And Sleep Apnea Solutions

If you think that you or your partner might actually have sleep apnea and not just a human version of a Harley Davidson. Then the best thing that you can do is go seek advice from a medical professional. Dismissing you or your partner’s symptoms, thinking they will go away, or anything else like that is definitely not a good choice.

If you notice pauses in breathing, extreme snoring, choking or gasping you definitely want to seek the help of a doctor. Get a professional diagnosis as soon as humanly possible. This is a life and death situation, so you definitely don't want to mistake snoring and sleep apnea for one another. Go seek the advice, diagnosis, and potentially treatment from a real medical professional before the situation gets worse.

If you do suffer from sleep apnea, a CPAP like the ResMED Airsense 10 Autoset with Heated Humidifier might be the right solution.

Snoring And Sleep Apnea No More With The Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset CPAP Machine
Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset CPAP Machine

Nasal Snoring Aids & Mouthpiece To Stop Snoring

Snoring solutions can vary greatly depending on the severity of the snoring as well as the underlying cause of it. When it comes to snoring solutions, they can be as simple as changing the position you sleep in, losing weight, drinking and smoking less. You can also get a mouthpiece to help stop snoring and nasal snoring aids. Treatments for snoring and sleep apnea are definitely not the same.

Sleep apnea is much more serious and usually requires a CPAP machine such as the Transcend II (my full review here). This involves constant air pressure to maintain an open airway so you can breathe regularly during the night. CPAP machines for snoring are an option, but they really are not ideal.

Best Stop Snoring Mouthpiece - Anti Snoring Solutions Mouthguard
Anti Snoring Solutions Mouthguard
Nasal Snoring Aids - SnoreCare Nose Vents
SnoreCare Nose Vents

Understanding EPAP Technology

If you have sleep apnea, you might not be a big fan of these CPAP machines for one reason or another. However, there is a new type of technology out there that can be used as a treatment for both snoring and sleep apnea. Instead of CPAP, it is EPAP, which stands for Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure.

When it comes to sleep apnea, EPAP tech is in fact FDA approved and recognized as a legitimate treatment option. EPAP involves a cool non-invasive nasal device fitted with a valve which connects to your nostrils. The small holes, which are smaller than your nostrils, create positive pressure when you exhale. Keeping your airways open.

People like the fact that EPAP tech is small, discreet, and won’t embarrass them. Not to mention that it is proven to be one of the most effective night time snoring and sleep apnea solutions. The positive pressure created when exhaling is shown to stop snoring in its tracks. Your best solution is to go seek medical advice to see if EPAP is something that could work for you.

Don’t Underestimate Or Dismiss Snoring

Snoring isn't a natural thing. While it can get worse the older you get, it is also due to lifestyle choices and may very well be caused by something like sleep apnea. Weight, diet, and other things can definitely cause snoring. However, simply put, snoring is not really natural and you should not treat it as such.

This is especially true due to the relationship between snoring and sleep apnea. Think about this too. You are not the only one who has to listen to that god awful noise coming out of your mouth all night long.

There is also the fact that both snoring and sleep apnea have serious health risks and consequences if left undiagnosed and untreated. Both snoring and sleep apnea can definitely cause a lack of sleep, both for the sufferers and the people next to them. Getting a really good and deep sleep when you can’t breathe right is no easy task.

Snoring on its own is not all that serious, but if you suffer from sleep apnea, there are definitely some greater long terms risks to consider. There are many negative effects that come from sleep apnea, with a lack of oxygen and death being the most severe of all. Sleep apnea can change the way your hormones work, it makes you tired, and it alters energy usage in your body. It can cause stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, skin aging, memory loss, heart failure and diabetes.

You Are Not The Only One Who Suffers From Sleep Apnea

Ok, so if you live alone, this might not be a big deal to you. However, if you sleep in the same room as someone else, both snoring and sleep apnea can and does affect them too. Nobody wants to sleep beside a freeway or a Harley Davidson.

If you are a snorer, whether it is related to sleep apnea or not, you need to think of the people living and sleeping around you. Or to be more precise, the people who are unable to sleep because of you. When it comes to snoring and sleep apnea, you need to get it diagnosed and treated. Not just for your sake but for the sake of those around you. Why not try the Complete Snore Stopper Solution Kit. It comes complete with a snoring solutions chin strap and nasal snoring aids.

Snoring And Sleep Apnea No More With The Complete Snore Stopper Solution
The Complete Snore Stopper Solution

Snoring And Sleep Apnea Solutions Conclusion

The bottom line is that your health and the health of those around you depends on you getting a good nights sleep. Go see a doctor, get diagnosed, and find one of the best snoring and sleep apnea solutions for you.