Does Using A CPAP Make You Gain Weight

Does Using A CPAP Make You Gain Weight?

Does using a CPAP make you gain weight? It’s a common question and there is a connection between sleep apnea and extra weight. Obesity greatly increases the probability of someone developing sleep apnea. We’ll explain that a bit more as we uncover other issues that make the weight gain and sleep apnea argument a bit easier to understand.

Why Am I More Tired After Using CPAP

Why Am I More Tired After Using CPAP?

Why am I more tired after using CPAP, you ask. Well, considering that adding a CPAP machine to your sleep routine is very likely going to require some adjustment on your part, being tired after CPAP therapy is a common side effect. You may not realize it at first, but chances are, you are going to experience a period early in the use of CPAP apparatus where you are going to be tired.

Can A CPAP Machine Cause Headaches

Can A CPAP Machine Cause Headaches?

Can a CPAP machine cause headaches? It is a fair question and headaches are often associated with CPAP therapy, but not in the way you may think they are. Before we look into the connection between CPAP therapy and headaches, let’s first learn a bit more about CPAP. Then we will explore the question, can CPAP cause headaches, and the headaches often suffered by CPAP machine users.

How To Travel With CPAP Machine On Cruise Ship

How To Travel With CPAP Machine On Cruise Ship

When it comes to planning your holiday and bringing your CPAP machine on cruise ship, there are definitely some things you want to keep in mind. The right travel CPAP machine and the right knowledge will have you going on an amazing cruise without a second thought. You don’t want to get caught off guard about rules or forget essential things when traveling with your CPAP machine.

Best Portable CPAP For Camping

Best Portable CPAP For Camping To Get A Good Nights Rest

Camping is definitely a great activity to spend time with your family, your friends, and with good old Mother Nature too. However if you suffer from sleep apnea, you know that there are certain issues when it comes to doing things like camping, even if it is just for a night or two. Heck, you obviously want to go camping, but you don’t want to suffocate in your sleep either.

Battery Powered CPAP Machines (Blog)

Battery Powered CPAP Machines That Don’t Need Electrical Outlets

Sleep apnea can indeed be a very scary thing. Heck, you literally stop breathing during your sleep! But this doesn’t mean that you need to put your whole life on hold. There are a lot of battery powered CPAP machines out there that you can take with you on the go. Therefore, that next big vacation halfway across the world should really not be an issue any longer. Here are 3 Great Battery Powered CPAPs for you.

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner And Sanitizing Machine Review

SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner And Sanitizing Machine Review

When it comes to cleaning my CPAP machine, I have tried a lot of different things. However, nothing has been as easy or effective as a CPAP cleaning machine. Sure, hand washing the thing is definitely possible, but it is not very fast, consistent, or effective. I was looking for a better way to clean my darned machine. That’s when I found the Soclean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizing Machine.

CPAP Travel Tips For Taking A CPAP Machine On An Airplane

CPAP Travel Tips For Taking A CPAP Machine On An Airplane

Using your mini CPAP machine for travel is essential if you suffer from sleep apnea. There is no way to get around needing to use your CPAP machine for travel such as the Transcend II Travel CPAP Machine. For this reason here are my 12 CPAP Travel Tips that you should follow if you are taking a CPAP machine on an airplane. Don’t be caught out, read my tips to prepare before you go.

Do I Need A Portable CPAP Machine For Travel

Do I Need A Portable CPAP Machine For Travel?

Wondering if you need a portable CPAP machine for travel? If you answer yes to any of the following, the likely answer is yes. If you suffer from one of the many sleeping disorders that affect millions of people all over the world, it is likely that you face difficulty in breathing during your sleep and require a CPAP Machine. There are several types of sleeping disorders, the most common one being obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

How To Clean A CPAP Machine So I Don’t Get Sick

How To Clean A CPAP Machine So I Don’t Get Sick

We all like to start each day with a shower. Knowing how to clean a cpap machine and doing that regularly should be a part of your daily routine also. This is very important for your cpap treatment and vital to the machine maintenance. Proper maintenance of your CPAP helps ensure that it is functioning properly. Since the device is instrumental to your it should be looked after and kept in the best conditions.

Help Me Choose The Quietest CPAP Machine On The Market

Help Me Choose The Quietest CPAP Machine On The Market

It is definitely preferred that your CPAP machine makes minimal noise while you sleep. Using a long hose with the mask and motor is one way of reducing noise, but this is an unwelcome inconvenience due to the real estate the hose takes up. This creates difficulty for patients during travel. I am here to help you choose the quietest CPAP machine for travel which will give you many nights of restful sleep while traveling.

APEX XT Auto CPAP Machine

Apex XT Auto CPAP Machine Review

The Apex XT Auto CPAP is definitely one of the better travel CPAP machines out there. It is one of the smallest, lightest, and compact options available on the market today. It’s a highly advanced, travel friendly, and an extremely useful CPAP machine that will keep you breathing safely all-night long. Read the full review to learn about the most important features and benefits of the Apex CPAP.

Battery Operated CPAP Machines That Last The Longest

Battery Operated CPAP Machines That Last The Longest

CPAP machines are vital if you have sleep apnea, which is true for people who travel as well. The problem is that many CPAP machines can only be used with an AC outlet. Meaning they will need to be plugged in to a power socket. This isn’t ideal for travel, so you want a version that has a good battery supply. Let’s talk about the best options in terms of the best battery operated CPAP machines that last the longest.

What Is The Best Travel CPAP Machine With Humidifier

What Is The Best Travel CPAP Machine With Humidifier?

Sleep apnea is already a big enough problem as is, so you don’t need to be dealing with a dry mouth while you sleep too. This is why many sleep apnea machines, also known as CPAP machines, have integrated humidifiers into their systems. However, this extra feature can certainly increase the cost. Let’s get right to it and talk about what is the best travel CPAP machine with humidifier.

Transcend Auto CPAP Travel Machine

Transcend II Travel CPAP Machine Review

This bad boy has both an AC and battery power supply, it’s very small and lightweight, and convenient to use as well. With features like automatic pressure adjustments, elevation adjustment, and more, you really cannot go wrong with this model. It features AHI detection, leak detection, and a couple of other neat features too. Read the full review and see what the Transcend Auto CPAP can offer you!

Z1 CPAP Auto Travel Device

Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine Review

The Z1 Auto CPAP Machine is a very compact and lightweight device that can easily be added into any carry-on baggage or tote bags. You can also bring along the lightweight, integrated battery system which is optional, if you are somewhere away from electricity – like going camping! The Z1 will auto-adjust itself to provide you with the most effective level of air pressure based on how you are breathing throughout the night.

Resmed CPAP Machine Airmini

ResMED Air Mini CPAP Machine Review

Traditional CPAP machines can be large and bulky, which means that if you are traveling for a while you will struggle to take them with you. With the Airmini from ResMed, you can completely eliminate this problem. As one of the world’s smallest CPAP machines you can get, this one can be transported with total ease and convenience. Don’t worry any longer about sleepless nights when you are not at home.

Respironics Dreamstation Go Auto CPAP Travel Machine

Philips Respironics Dreamstation Auto CPAP Machine Review

The DreamStation Auto CPAP Go is a great choice to keep in mind if you are going to be traveling a lot. It is one of the smaller and more lightweight options out there right now, making it very portable. Fitting it in a backpack, briefcase, or suitcase is definitely not an issue. The DreamStation Go is made to travel, which is why it meets FAA standards and automatically compensates for elevation changes.

Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset CPAP Machine

ResMED Airsense 10 Autoset With Heated Humidifier Review

A compact and lightweight design makes the Airsense 10 ideal for travel. The humidifier, light sensor, and flexible tubing makes it comfortable to sleep with. The various adjustable pressure features make the ResMED Air a total lifesaver, and various other features like the advanced data display, auto ramping feature, and easy to navigate LCD display make it a breeze to use. Read the full review right here.