Sleep apnea can indeed be a very scary thing. Heck, you literally stop breathing during your sleep! But this doesn't mean that you need to put your whole life on hold. There are many great CPAP machines out there which allow you to live a normal life, even with this condition. There are a lot of battery powered CPAP machines out there that you can take with you on the go. Therefore, that next big vacation halfway across the world should really not be an issue.

Yes, many CPAP machines, even if they are portable, still need to be plugged into a power source. Usually it's an AC power outlet in order for the machine to function. That being said, there are also plenty of travel CPAP machines that are battery powered and  come with a CPAP battery backup block.

Even if you do not have a power source close by, there are still options for you. This means you can take those vacations, stay safe and keep breathing during the night. All with a CPAP machine that is not even plugged into an electrical outlet.

What About Portable Power For CPAP Machines?

Well the easy answer to this question is that there are many different options for CPAP machines out there specifically intended for travel. Of course, when you travel, you might not always have a power supply handy. You might be in a tent or you might have forgotten the AC adaptor for different countries.

However, the good people who make these battery operated  CPAP machines were smart enough to foresee this problem. And they have come up with an ingenious solution. Well, it is actually a pretty obvious solution, but it works none the less. There are many travel CPAP machines out there with a CPAP battery backup.

These are designed so you can use them for a night or two, or in some cases for longer, with an integrated battery that can be recharged. Some options also allow for the connection to an external DC energy source. Just like those little charger boxes for phones. Simply charge the external battery when you can. Then when you need it just attach the external battery to the sleep apnea machine where you would usually plug it into the wall.

Now, some CPAP machines are not compatible with DC power sources such as external batteries, but there is a solution for this too. There are DC to AC power converters, which you can hookup to your CPAP machine. This allows for an indirect connection between an external battery or power repository to your travel CPAP machine.

Recommended Battery Powered CPAP Machines

When it comes to travelling with sleep apnea and requiring a machine that does not always need to be connected to a power outlet, there are some really good options that you can go with. Let’s take a look at some of the best travel CPAP machines out there with backup batteries and rechargeable integrated battery power sources.

Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine

Battery Operated CPAP Machine - Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine
Portable CPAP Machine For Camping

This particular lightweight travel CPAP machine is specifically intended for you folks that are on the go a lot. The Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine comes with everything you would expect from a normal CPAP machine. Such as leak compensation, automatic altitude adjustments, a ramping feature and more. The really cool part about it is that you can get it with an optional Z1 PowerShell with Battery. This allows you to use this particular CPAP machine without it being plugged into the wall.

Now, you do need to be aware that this optional battery only lasts for one night. So you do need to find a way to recharge it. However, this is a good solution when you're in need of a portable cpap machine for camping.

Philips Respironics Dreamstation Auto CPAP Machine

The DreamStation Go Auto is another really good option to go with if you need a battery powered CPAP machine but are not sure if you will always have access to a reliable power supply. Just like the Z1, this particular option comes with all of the necessary features you would expect any CPAP machine to have. It is lightweight and portable, it has a great algorithm, leak detection, is good for in flight use, and yes, it has a built in power supply too.

This CPAP machine has an optional 1.5 pound lithium ion battery that can be used to power this machine for up to 2 nights. Yes, it is a little expensive, but it definitely comes in handy when you have no wall plug around. You can read my full review here.

Philips Respironics Dreamstation Go CPAP Travel Machine
Dreamstation Go CPAP Travel Machine

Transcend II Travel CPAP Machine

This final CPAP machine is another really good choice for travelling. The Transcend II Auto Travel CPAP Machine comes with a whole lot of features that you might really like. First off, it is the smallest, lightest, and most portable travel CPAP machine on the planet. Moreover, it also comes with a bedside docking station, as well as a waterless humidifier. This is especially great for dry climates.

The really cool part is that it does come with battery and DC power supply options. You can use either of these options to power the Transcend II  even when you don't have access to an AC power outlet.

Battery Operatoed CPAP Machine - Transcend II Travel CPAP Machine
Transcend II Travel CPAP Machine

Battery Powered CPAP Machines Conclusion

If you like to travel, but are worried about not being able to power your CPAP machine, worry no longer because there are options for you. As you can see from the above options, there are plenty of good CPAP machines that have a CPAP battery backup.

This means you can use them anywhere on the go, even for a weekend of camping. You don’t have to sacrifice vacations and nights out because of sleep apnea. As long as you have a battery powered CPAP machine with some kind of backup power option, you will be just fine.