We all like to start each day with a shower. Knowing how to clean a cpap machine and doing that regularly should be a part of your routine also. This is very important for your cpap treatment and vital to the machine maintenance. Proper maintenance of your CPAP helps ensure that it is functioning properly.

Since the device is instrumental to your health and ongoing treatment for sleep apnea, it should be looked after and kept in the best conditions. This will ensure you receive the maximum benefits from it. My article will tell you how to clean a cpap machine properly and get a good nights sleep wherever you go.

Prevention Before Treatment - Keep It Clean

Keeping all the hoses, tubes, masks and other equipment clean is vital too since these can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Viruses such as cold, flu and fever can be transmitted through the bacteria present on the machines. Especially if it is kept in a room where it might be exposed to such contaminants.

Components which are not dried properly can also promote the growth of mold and fungi. Since the majority of accessories and parts of a CPAP machine are made by silicone they are likely to degrade over time. Therefore proper cleaning is required to prevent this from happening. I'll also talk about the best CPAP cleaning machine further on.

How Often Should You Clean Your CPAP Machine?

How To Clean Your CPAP Machine Daily

Every CPAP machine owner should develop the habit of wiping down the mask and any areas that come into contact with your face or skin daily. A damp towel soaked in a mild soap or detergent can be used. The towels can be easily found in any hotel room and you can carry the soap with you wherever you go. A gentle rinse with the towel and air-drying the mask can remove any bacteria. Pre-moistened towels that are specifically designed for cleaning mini travel CPAP machines and their components are also available at most apnea centers and on Amazon.

If the unit also has a humidifier attached then it must also be cleaned. The procedure for that is emptying any leftover water after using the machine. Letting the water sit in the unit all day will allow germs to fester inside. Refilling the humidifier every night before going to sleep with distilled water is recommended for optimal use.

How To Clean A CPAP Machine - Use Specific CPAP Wipes
Care Touch CPAP Cleaning Mask Wipes

Those who have been sick should also wash their mask along with the tubing, filter and humidifier every day until they are virus free. Maintaining a clean CPAP machine helps fight the sickness and helps you get better soon.

Another thing that should be taken care of when using your CPAP is the safety. The device should be unplugged before cleaning starts because the electrical components could come in contact with water and electrocute someone.

How To Clean Your CPAP Machine Weekly

Here's some directions on how to clean a CPAP machine and  its tubing. The mask and tubing requires a complete bath every week to keep it free from dust, germs and bacteria. The CPAP tube, headgear and nasal mask can be cleaned in a sink with hot water. Just add 2-3 drops of any ammonia-free dish washing detergent. All the additional parts should be swirled in the water for five minutes.

Then the water should be rinsed well and air dried during the daytime. The tube can be hung on the towel rack or over the shower rod so that all the water drips out. By night time it should be completely dry.

Don't Forget About Your Mask And Headgear

The mask and headgear should also be hung over the towel rack or hooks to allow all the water droplets to evaporate. It is recommended that the mini travel CPAP machine is wiped down with a damp cloth every week. The cloth should not be dripping wet otherwise water could drip inside the machine.

The filter can be cleaned by taking it out and rinsing it with warm water from the tap. It should be squeezed under the water so that there is no dust inside. Then it should be blotted dry with a paper towel or cloth. However, be careful not to wash the white filter present inside the machine because they are disposable but can be replaced. I would recommend replacing the disposable filters at least once a month.

If you're in the market for buying a machine that does all of the above for you in minimal time and can spare the expense then you should check out the Best CPAP Cleaning Machine on the market today. Which is the SoClean2 CPAP Sanitizing Machine. I've written a full review here on the SoClean2 or you can check the product out directly by clicking the links below.

Best CPAP Cleaning Machine - Soclean2 CPAP Sanitizing Machine
Best CPAP Cleaning Machine – Soclean2 CPAP Sanitizing Machine

How To Clean CPAP Humidifier Chamber

If you have a humidifier chamber with your CPAP machine then you should clean it at least once a week. Any remaining water inside the machine can be drained and the humidifier should be washed inside the sink using warm soapy water. Make sure that it is rinsed well and all the water is drained out so the chamber can be air-dried.

The humidifier should also be disinfected after every alternate week. This can be done by soaking it in a solution of vinegar and water for half an hour. The vinegar to water ratio must be one to five. It should be rinsed manually first and then placed on the top rack of the dishwasher for washing. To keep a clean CPAP machine and humidifier spick and span only distilled water should be used. This will ensure no there are no mineral deposit buildups inside the machine that may damage its interior.

A little elbow grease and maintenance can help your CPAP machine stay clean and maintenance free for a long time. Not only should you remember to bring the machine along with you on vacations but also clean it regularly. This will only require a few minutes out of your day. This will not only increase the lifetime of the machine but also help sleep apnea patients breathe more easily.

How To Clean A CPAP Machine Conclusion

Proper care of your CPAP machine requires some hard work and also enough time set aside to carry out the job. You might feel like cleaning the device is taking up too much of your time but remember how important it is for your health. There is also the people around you to think about also.

By doing this simple daily task, it allows you to go on vacations when ever you want. Once you realize the importance of knowing how to clean a CPAP machine properly, cleaning it will not seem like a very big burden.