Sleep apnea is a very serious condition and almost 80% of the patients who suffer from it remain undiagnosed. Most people are not aware of the signs and symptoms which is why they often shrug it off as being tired and exhausted. Those who work full-time jobs and have to complete chores at home know just how stressful the daily routine can get. However, there is insurmountable evidence that shows sleep apnea treatment without mask will result in a disturbed sleep cycle.

The identifying symptom of sleep apnea is pauses between breathing. This also happens while a person is asleep, which is a cause for concern. While a person is not breathing, their oxygen levels decline while the blood pressure and heart rate rises. The brain sends the body signals to wake up resulting in disrupted sleep. This can happen a hundred times a night. Patients experience mild to severe sleep apnea for which they need to use a sleep apnea machine with a face mask.

Why It's Safer To Wear Your CPAP Mask

CPAP machines are used to help sleep apnea patients sleep in peace. They alleviate all the symptoms associated with the illness. The purpose of the CPAP mask is to push air into the nasal passage and allow easier breathing. It reduces the apnea episodes and may even completely prevent them from disturbing your sleep.

However the mask is often perceived as uncomfortable due to its big size and obstructive shape. Patients often rip it off while they are sleeping. Many patients simply forgo the mask resulting in a no mask sleep apnea treatment style routine. If you choose to go down this path, there are certainly some health risks which you need to be aware of first. If the mask is simply getting in the way of your preferred sleep position then you may want to think about investing in a specially designed CPAP Pillow like the TruContour CPAP Pillow for Stomach, Side and  Back Sleepers.


Sleep Apnea Treatment Without Mask Is Dangerous - Try The TruContour CPAP Pillow Instead
Try The TruContour CPAP Pillow Instead

Sleep Apnea Treatment Without Mask Health Risks

Sleep apnea can lead to a number of common diseases and ongoing treatment without a mask can further expose you to certain health risks. This are:


Millions of people suffer from diabetes and many remain undiagnosed. Those who suffer from type 2 diabetes have an insulin deficiency and therefore their body cannot process glucose and obtain the required energy. The body not producing sufficient insulin leads to glucose build-up in the cells and has devastating results on a person’s health. Problems such as high blood pressure, eye infections, skin diseases, kidney problems, mental health degradation and stroke are associated with diabetes.

High Blood Pressure

Sleep apnea puts people at risk of hypertension and high blood pressure. Almost 50-70% of sleep apnea patients have an abnormally high blood pressure. A blood pressure higher than normal can increase the risk of heart attack, lead to stroke and other related health problems. Sleep apnea not only leads to weight gain but the overweight patients mostly suffer from a high blood pressure as well.

Heart Trouble

Sleep apnea treatment without mask can result in a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. It activates the sympathetic nervous system which is associated with the fight or flight state of mind. The stress and adrenaline rush sent to the body during sleep apnea is the work of the sympathetic nervous system. Sleep apnea also creates problems related to the lining of the blood vessels. It disrupts metabolic regulation and leads to inflammation. Blocked blood vessels and other associated problems can result in a major heart attack.


Patients suffering from sleep apnea are at a greater risk of having a stroke. The illness puts them at risk of developing a serious complication while they are sleeping. A sleep apnea no mas style treatment cannot prevent apneic events from occurring. The decreased oxygen levels can result in constricting blood vessels which increases the blood pressure in the vessels. A study shows that 60% of stroke victims are also patients of sleep apnea.

Wear Your Sleep Apnea Mask, Or Else

Patients who suffer from sleep apnea are constantly exhausted. They find it difficult to wake up and often doze off during the day. It also leads to problems concentrating on tasks and motivation levels take a dive. Lack of a good night’s sleep can lead to mental problems such as hallucinations and depression as well. The patients who choose sleep apnea treatment without machine are putting their personal and professional life at risk since they are likely to remain irritable and unfocused throughout the day.

Another problem associated with improper treatment of sleep apnea is weight gain. Sleep apnea is directly related to obesity because it alters the personality and habits of the patient. The indicators of sleep apnea are a large neck circumference, a body mass index that is greater than 30 and snoring. With the levels of obesity rising all over the world, it is becoming apparent that sleep apnea contributes to weight gain. Lower motivation and energy levels make it difficult to maintain weight. The best way to lose this weight is by treating your sleep apnea properly.

Give CPAP Masks Another Shot

If you've decided to treat your sleep apnea without a mask, it very likely that initially you started using one and just found it very uncomfortable. There is no denying the fact that the first few nights sleeping with the mask can be difficult and users often have trouble sleeping at all. But over time you can become accustomed to it and there will come a time when you will no longer notice it.

Don't Try Sleep Apnea Treatment Without Mask
Try the DreamStaion Nasal Mask Frame

The right CPAP masks should fit comfortably on your face, not allow air to leak outside and not strapped too tightly making your face sore. There are several sizes and designs available to address the needs of different patients. You can choose from full-face masks that have straps stretching from the forehead to the mouth to nasal pillows which can fit under the nose and are smaller in size. Remember, sleep apnea treatment without mask equals a very irritable and exhausted you.