Just because you have sleep apnea doesn’t mean you have to stop living your life to the fullest. Precautions while traveling is very much a reality for those who suffer from sleep apnea. Simply stopping the therapy can have a negative impact on their health. With everything being said, it can be quite a hassle traveling with a CPAP machine. It is heavy-weight and fairly frustrating to use in hotel rooms. One thing that can make life easier is bringing along one or two CPAP Pillows For Side Sleepers.

Most CPAP machine users underestimate the power of a specialized sleep apnea pillow and believe they won’t need it. However, it complements the CPAP machine in more ways than one.

The Best Pillow For Sleep Apnea

Hotel pillows do not provide sleep apnea suffers with the support they need. They are usually flat and uncomfortable and usually force travelers to have to sleep lying down on their backs. Sleeping in that position can be highly dangerous since there is the risk of the tongue and palate rolling back towards the throat. Resulting in an obstructed airway.

So whether it is an official trip to London or a vacation to Amsterdam you should not rely on the pillows provided by the hotels. Always lie down on your side using a cpap pillow for side sleepers.

The Best Pillow For Sleep Apnea Is Not A Hotel Pillow
Avoid Hotel Pillows At All Costs

The ensure your sleeping position is right is by using a specifically designed sleep apnea pillow for side sleepers. This will support the back of your head and the neck so that you feel comfortable lying down on your side.

Take Your CPAP Pillows For Side Sleepers With You

It often happens that travelers remember to pack their travel CPAP machines but realize that they have forgotten their sleep apnea pillow. The standard pillow doesn't provide enough support at night. You may even wake up with welts and bruises from where your mask has dug in. There are many benefits of bringing along a CPAP pillow for side sleepers. The biggest one is that it can reduce the pain you feel after sleeping with a normal pillow.

The CPAP pillow improves the effectiveness of the treatment by providing a better, comfortable and more restful sleep. The CPAP compliant pillows help improve the procedures performed by the machine. There is a lesser chance of the mask leaking while using a pillow to maintain the proper sleeping position. Pressure exerted by the mask is also reduced with the use of the special pillow.

A CPAP pillow for side sleepers provides additional support to the neck and aligns the spine to help maintain the best posture. Patients do not feel as uncomfortable using the mask with the help of the pillow. It also helps align their airway so that they can breathe more easily.

Selecting The Best CPAP Pillow For Side Sleepers

There are some things that need to be taken into account when buying a sleep apnea pillow. First of all, it should have a high edge so that the mask and tube don't come into contact with the mattress. A good example is this Large CPAP Pillow pictured below. Remember that the standard sleep apnea pillows for side sleepers are usually thicker at the middle and become flatter around the edges. This is ideal for sleep apnea patients since they need only a five-inch deep pillow to fill the area around their shoulders and support the neck.

CPAP Pillows For Side Sleepers - Memory Foam Contour Design
Memory Foam Contour Design For Side Sleepers

CPAP Pillows VS Regular Pillows

With a proper CPAP pillow you no longer need to use a second pillow to achieve the desired height. These pillows are specially designed for side sleepers who cannot sleep unsupported since there’s a risk of their airway getting blocked. Where the standard pillows are usually hard, CPAP pillows for side sleepers are soft and squishy. Overtime they become even more comfortable with regular use.

If the pillow seems a bit too hard, you can always remove some of the stuffing to make it softer. There is a 4-inch sewing on the back edge which can easily be unstitched and opened up to take out the excess stuffing. And don’t throw out the stuffing because you might need to put it back in some point in the future.

The CPAP pillow can be fluffed up to make it more comfortable. You just have to hold it between your hands and push against it repeatedly and the difference will be visible. It is recommended you fluff up the pillow before you attempt to remove the stuffing because it usually does the trick.

The sleep apnea pillow not only supports your head but also helps lift up your neck and tilts it forward to alleviate any pain associated with sleep apnea. For side sleepers, wearing a CPAP mask at night can be a difficult task because a standard pillow usually gets in the way. That is why the CPAP pillow for side sleepers is preferred.

Why It's Important to Take Your CPAP Pillow Traveling Conclusion

If you don’t have a problem with mask leaks or mask soreness while sleeping then you probably don’t need to buy any CPAP pillows for side sleepers. However this is certainly not the case for side sleepers. Most sleep apnea patients using regular pillows have their heads titled so far back that it produces a numbing pain in their joint.

CPAP machines paired with the pillow are the best way to treat obstructive sleep apnea. If you don’t bring it with you when you are travelling then it could put you at serious health risks. It is better to be safe and sorry and take the machine and pillow along with you wherever you go. You’ll be well-rested and more open to enjoying the trip if it is with you.