Sleep And Healing Injuries Solutions For A Pain-Free Night

Sleep and healing injuries can be a frustrating situation for many people, especially when those parts of their body are in pain or constantly throbbing. The pain comes when you are lying on one side, on your back or in any position that puts pressure on the injured part of your body.

The night pain situation often tends to spill over to the day, affecting your mobility or performance at work or play. There are many possible solutions to sleeping with injuries at night.

Five Products To Help You Sleep With Injuries

Millions of people suffer from nightly pain due to work or sports injuries. To be able to get your beauty rest at night even when you have sports or work injuries, you need products that can help you relax and ease your pain. Below are some of the products that you might find handy.

1. Rice Pack

A microwavable rice bag can be heated or frozen for a hot or cold compression to relieve pain at night. The soft fabric on the casing makes it comfortable to sleep with the rice pack. You can cool it in the freezer for a night when you need to numb your pain or warm it in the microwave when you need to reduce inflammation at night.

2. Tylenol Nighttime Pain Products

There are two products in this brand - Tylenol Body Pain Night and Extra Strength Tylenol. These products help to ease the pain from your injuries at night. You cannot afford the tossing and turning, especially if you have a busy day the next day. The Tylenol products are made of a muscle relaxant and sleep aid to help you fall asleep and sleep through the night.

3. Diphenhydramine-Acetaminophen

This is a combo of acetaminophen and antihistamine medications and can be purchsed from the Tylenol Brand here. Acetaminophen reduces fever and pain such as backache, muscle strain pain or flu. Antihistamine causes drowsiness and therefore makes the product a perfect sleep aid.

4. Vicks VapoRub

Vicks VapoRub is often used as a cough suppressant. However, in the case of muscle sprain, you can also use Vicks for pain relief when sleeping with injuries. This product has eucalyptus in it to relieve pain and induce relaxation and sleep.

5. CBD Lotions And Oils

When it comes to sleep and healing injuries, Cannibidol (CBD) oils and creams could be what you need to sleep comfortably even with injuries. Made from the medical component of the cannabis plant, the product is absorbed into the skin to relieve pain and inflammation. Here's a couple products below that I recommend you check out.

How To Sleep With Injuries

Find The Right Mattress

When shopping for your beddings, find a bed with foam that can conform to your body so that your shoulders, back, and pelvis are comfortably aligned. That will help to take the pressure off from the injured areas of your body for a good nights sleep.

One other thing to consider when sleeping with injuries is to choose a mattress that matches your size. Your body weight and sleeping position come into play a great deal when it comes to sleep and healing injuries. If you are a little heavier, go for a thin yet firm mattress to help equally distributed weight of your body without sagging.

Fit and athletic individuals should consider a thick mattress that conforms to the shape of their body. Find a bed that offers firm support for your back while reducing pressure on the hips and feet injuries. Memory foam mattresses can provide the help you need for relief. You can also try adjustable bed frames. I have no doubt that you will be able to find the perfect mattress for your body type from the Signature Sleep Collection here.

Use The RICE Technique

Rest it off. Before the situation gets worse, before the pain spreads to other areas of your body, it is wise to reduce the pressure on the affected area of your body. Rest means you give time for your body to recover. It might mean a week off your work, sports or exercise.

Ice is the best home remedy for pain and inflammation. It works even better when combined with rest. Place an ice pack on the affected area three or four times a day for 10 minutes. Compression can help with muscle sprain and bone dislocation.

You can use a warm towel to wrap around the inflamed areas to help you sleep with injuries. Elevation can help when sleeping with injuries on ankles, hips, and knees. Lastly, put your feet up in a reclining position to reduce the pain and swelling.

Sleep And Healing Injuries Conclusion

Do you have a product or technique that makes it easy to deal with sleep and healing injuries? If so, than I encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for reading. Why not check out some of my other articles related to sleep such as this one: Stop Snoring Mouthpiece - ZenGuard vs CPAP.